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Our Commitment:

For over a decade, we've championed innovation, delivering user-friendly digital solutions across diverse industries. Meticulous project planning and development strategies define our approach, ensuring enhanced productivity as a budget-friendly service provider.

Unified Goal, Smart Efforts:

Our human resources collaboratively work smart, systematically, and tirelessly towards achieving a singular goal.

Continuous Innovation:

Continuously forging ahead, we pioneer innovative solutions, always striving to remain at the forefront of industry trends through relentless commitment to innovation.



Years of Experience

Who Are We ?

Established in 2022, Namix Software emerges as a premier digital marketing company in India, specializing in a wide array of digital services, spanning from logo design to comprehensive web development. Our innovative solutions position Namix Software as your trusted and SEO-friendly IT partner, ensuring unparalleled excellence in the industry.

Striving for excellence within budget constraints, Namix Software is dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital solutions. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional client services propels us towards becoming a globally recognized name in the digital landscape.

Standing tall in competition requires unwavering commitment, extensive knowledge, and constant innovation. We persistently ensure our customers navigate the online sea, propelling their success to new heights.

Our Mission

As client-centric service providers, we strive to deliver profitable and user-friendly solutions to diverse businesses. Our approach revolves around a strategy rooted in creativity, meticulous planning, and tangible outcomes. Crafting services that encompass result-oriented strategies while optimizing resource usage, we uphold the principles of efficient service delivery.

Our dedicated and proficient team consistently strives to deliver top-notch services, ensuring each client's unique needs are met with precision and excellence.

Our Clientele

Catering to both start-ups and leading companies, we are unwaveringly dedicated to delivering the best. The ongoing expansion of our client success stories underscores our commitment. Our ethos revolves around cultivating relationships based on trust and unwavering commitment, leaving a lasting impact.

Our Expertise

Our paramount competence lies in precisely comprehending our clients' requirements. We endeavor to understand our clients thoroughly, tailoring service packages with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Experience a comprehensive suite of digital solutions all under one roof.

Professional Commitment & Efficient Planning

At Namix Software, we prioritize professionalism and unwavering commitment to our clients. Our dedicated focus revolves around the meticulous crafting of prospective software solutions, harnessing a subtle yet effective service delivery architecture. Through swift and decisive decision-making, we seamlessly visualize our clients' goals, ensuring a tailored approach to their unique needs.

Rest assured, our pledge extends to the design of a constructive plan that efficiently utilizes available technical resources, all within a reasonable budget. Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Timely Project Completion

Namix Software assures the timely completion of your projects within the specified timeframes. Our primary objective in providing services to clients is to create value by generating greater revenues and establishing robust technological foundations.

Top-Tier Service Provider

As a leading service provider in the nation, we are renowned for delivering long-term solutions rooted in credibility, quality, and a robust delivery strategy.

Collaborative Team Approach

Working seamlessly as a team, we approach every challenge with enthusiasm and passion. In the rapidly evolving industry, we consistently upgrade our services to stay ahead. Striving to provide fast-moving digital solutions and innovative technologies, we aim to propel our clients' businesses to new heights, leaving a lasting imprint on the virtual market. Our ethos revolves around growth and cooperation as we commit to building futuristic digital solutions together.

Optimized ROI and Internet Visibility

Namix Software guarantees to enhance your internet visibility by optimizing Return on Investment (ROI). With a focus on collaboration and forward-thinking solutions, we assure you a strengthened online presence that aligns with your growth objectives.

Our Team

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Gitanjali Das


Shapon Biswas

Marketing Manager

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