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Payment Flow

Welcome to Namix Software Private Limited Payment Flow

Thank you for choosing Namix Software Private Limited for your website and app development needs. Below is our streamlined payment process to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

  • Customization: Tailor your services by selecting specific features, design preferences, and additional functionalities to meet your project requirements.
  • Quote Generation: Request a personalized quote by providing details about your project scope, timeline, and any special requirements you may have.
  • Quote Review: Our team carefully reviews your project details and crafts a customized quote that outlines the total cost and estimated timeline for your project.
  • Quote Presentation: Receive your quote via email or through our secure client portal for review and consideration.
  • Acceptance and Payment: Upon acceptance of the quote, proceed to make payment using our secure payment gateway. We accept various payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, Payment Links and bank transfers.
  • Payment Confirmation: Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email or notification, marking the commencement of your project.
  • Project Initiation: Our team initiates your project according to the agreed timeline and requirements. Gain access to our project management dashboard or communication channels to track progress and communicate with us easily.
  • Development and Feedback: Provide feedback and suggestions throughout the development phase to ensure your project aligns with your vision.
  • Quality Assurance: We conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance to deliver a polished final product that meets your expectations.
  • Final Delivery: Once the project is completed and approved, we deliver the final product to you promptly.
  • Support and Maintenance: Enjoy complimentary support and maintenance services following the delivery of your project, ranging from 15 to 90 days based on the specifics of your project. During this period, our dedicated team will address any issues and provide assistance to ensure your satisfaction. After the complimentary period, we offer extended support and maintenance services for a nominal fee, tailored to your ongoing needs. Rest assured, our commitment to your project's success extends beyond its completion.